Lord, can you help me please?

I wonder how people would feel or respond if the Lord‘s answer to them was “no” with respect to their request for His help.   Would they turn away from Him?  Argue with Him?  Get mad at Him?  

I mean, most born again believers assume He will meet their every need, right?  I mean even Scripture tells them in Philippians 4:19 (NIV) –

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 

Then why is it when they are offended by someone who has truly wounded them deeply, they refuse to ask; hesitate to ask; or simply choose not to ask the Lord to help them get through it and heal?

I’d like to know, when a person is offended, what is it that makes them become so insensitive to the Word of God to the point where they see the Bible as just a book with a lot of words that bring no relief into their situation?  

What is it that makes an offended person PUSH the Lord away and WELCOME the sinful desires of a broken heart?  You know what I mean;  the desire to pay someone back;  to get revenge;  to hurt them; to slander their name;  or to become malicious and aggressive toward them.  

Many counselors will answer this question by saying it’s their “pride” that makes them do this but I think there’s another reason.  In fact, I know there is, and so do you, but you choose not to come clean with yourself so you hide behind a mask. 

You know you better than any counselor would.  What do you say is the reason you entertain sinful desires instead of asking the Lord to help you heal and get through the ordeal?  Are you willing to come from behind your mask and say why you have such a hard time relying on your faith when you are offended?

The reality is that forgiveness is hard to give out when you are hurting emotionally.  The Lord knows this all to well, that is why the Father has anointed Jesus with the power to heal the brokenhearted (Isa.61:1). 

We are told in Psalm 55:22a(NIV) to cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you…, so why don’t you do this? 

I believe emotional hurt brings a person to a point of numbness; a numbness of the Spirit‘s presence in their life.  A time when room is given to the adversary to activate the desires of their flesh; a time of vulnerability to disobedience.

I believe hurt people ought to ask:  Lord, can you help me, please? 

I believe hurt people ought to pay close attention to and guard themselves from their vulnerabilities to the adversary. 

I believe hurt people ought to faithfully rely on the promise of their Father to let Jesus heal their brokenhearts. 

Do you believe this also?

You see, the work of forgiveness begins in “broken hearts” and ends in “healed hearts” that stand ready to give forgiveness to the one who offended them.

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